About Us

RBE is a provider of tailored sponsorship, marketing and human resources strategies and programs.


HINO Sponsorship

Leveraging over 10 years of experience in sponsorship and marketing solutions, RBE provides the expertise and tools to optimise your branding and media strategy, transforming your market presence and sustaining positive long term brand awareness, leading to a strong return on your investment.



McDonald's Sponsorship

We are a very hands-on partner who shall be there behind the scenes with you during each step of the journey to help you achieve your business objectives.

We offer the following services to our partners:

Creation, negotiation and execution of tailored sponsorship campaigns.

Commercial and legal advice in relation to all stages of sponsorship negotiations, drafting and execution.

Sponsorship activations and leveraging.

Commercialisation of sponsorship properties.

Maximisation of brand exposure.

Media strategy and buying.

Digital marketing and creative design.

Consumer and trade promotions.

Sales incentive programs.

People management, strategy and advice.

Event management.